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Ligature risk reduced, and facility safety increased with every set of laces replaced.


Ensuring maximum safety at a Behavioral Healthcare facility is both a paramount & never-ending challenge.

In an effort to make facilities ligature resistant patients must

surrender their shoelaces which can create additional stress.

Facilities must either provide patients with special footwear,

or find a safe and affordable means to effectively secure

patients’ footwear to their feet.


We understand that the challenge is to find a proper balance between patient/facility/staff/visitor safety; the maintaining of patient dignity; and overall cost factors.

Patients should be given the opportunity to keep their footwear - a very personal item to most - while also adhering to all of the safety policies and procedures set in place to protect everyone.

Ensuring paramount safety and ensuring patient dignity at the same time should be something possible and accessible to all Behavioral Healthcare facilities.


10 years ago U-Lace innovated the world’s 

first modular no-tie laces.

5 years ago the Behavioral Healthcare

industry discovered U-Lace and began 

using it to protect patients, staff, visitors 

and facilities in general.

In July 2018 U-Lace began offering SafetyLace

our newly patented ligature-resistant 

replacement lace designed specifically for

the Bahavioral Healthcare industry.

Technical Specifications


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