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UL-SL-6E-BLK:  6-eyelet version of SafetyLace.


Pack contains:

     - Two (2) 6-eyelet SafetyLaces.

     - Instruction Sheet


SafetyLace 6-Eyelet Pack - Black

BLACK: Black
  • Dual-patented SafetyLace is constructed from dual-patented u-lace segments, a flexible ballistic nylon center spine and kevlar thread which ensures that the laces cannot be detached from the center spine. 

    6-eyelet is SafetyLace is designed for footwear with 6 eylets, but can be used on 7, 8 and even 9 eyelet footwear where is in not necessary to secure every set of eyelets.

    SafetyLace was tested by Underwriters Laboratories to meet the strength parameters set out for safet use in Behavioral Health Facilities.


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