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Footwear is Personal.

After shipping SafetyLace to Behavioral Healthcare facilities all across the USA for the past several years one thing we have learned for sure is that; Footwear is Personal.

Maybe more than anything else we wear on our bodies each day - our footwear is a huge part of who we are.

This fact becomes further highlighted when it comes to patient intake at a Behavioral Healthcare facility. Safety precautions often means patients having their footwear taken away, and this is often a trigger for additional anxiety as well as a loss of dignity for the patient who really needs their stress level reduced, not increased by losing such a personal item.

Any way in which a facility can allow a patient to keep their own footwear and also keep it looking as original as possible is a major win for the facility and the patient.

We may be a bit biased but SafetyLace by uLace allows this to be the case.


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